MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition v3.0


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MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition 3 is the 3rd, and probably most significant, installment of this acclaimed MAX PAYNE modification. An ongoing personal project of mine started in 2001, MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition's simple goal is to bring the cinematic flare of Hong Kong kung fu movies to the already highly cinematic style of MAX PAYNE. But bringing this to MAX PAYNE, a game built around guns and with an engine flexibility limited to that of simple scripting, was by no means a straightforward task. However, after almost one and a half years in the making, gracious publicity from gaming sites and magazines around the world and most of all the unceasing fan support right from the start, I'm proud to finally present MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition 3.

- A kung fu fighting system that includes:
- a hand-to-hand fighting mode and a stick fighting mode (complete
with slo-mo "stick FX")
- an arsenal of over 20 different moves
- a Kung Fu Skill Level system
- a complex combo attack system

- Improved acrobatic skills that include:
- new "kung fu style" flips and spins
- wall running and wall jumping
- Two additional shootdodging techniques - the "drunken style"
shootdodge and the aerial shootdodge.
- Improved impact physics that allows for juggling bodies and "slamming"
bodies into walls and other enemies.
- "The Dojo" training area that teaches you the basics of the kung fu
fighting system.

Installation and Usage:
Unzip the file into your Max Payne directory (the directory
that contains the MaxPayne.exe), and the following files will be created:

Run Max Payne, and in the startup window go to "Choose Customized Games" and
select KungFu_30 from the drop-down window.

Kung Fu Fighting Basics:
Max now has a "Kung Fu Mode", that, once selected, will change Max's offensive
from a gun-toting ballet into a hand-to-hand combat frenzy. Although Max's kung
fu is strong, the bad guys are still carrying big guns, so a different style of
attack must be adopted if you are to stand a fighting chance. These are the
basic moves available to Max when he is in "Kung Fu Mode":

shoot button = quick jabs
running forward + shootdodge = flying side kick
running forward/right + shootdodge = outside jumping spin kick
running forward/left + shootdodge = inside jumping spin kick
standing tap forward + shootdodge = front snap kicks
standing tap forward/right + shootdodge = outside spin kick
standing tap forward/left + shootdodge = roundhouse kicks

For a complete guide on the advanced kung fu techniques, as well as the other
new skills available to Max, see:

Known Bugs/Problems:
- On rare occasions during kung fu fighting, Max may become momentarily frozen,
unable to be controlled. If this happens simply press Esc to go to the menu
and then click "Resume Game" and Max will be back to normal. If this is
happening consistently, report this to my email with a
description of when exactly it occurs.
- When fighting some enemies with kung fu, it is possible they will spring back
to life as "ghosts", unresponsive to you and unable to be killed. This bug is
99% killed.
- The Dojo opponents have glitchy "get up" animations. This will be fixed in a
later release.

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MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition v3.0

Hey pplz, i downloaded the mod and im at level 3 but there is a glitch or sumthing, whever i get to the part with vini gogniti where he runs away and he is just about to jump onto the train and max payne is shooting at him, well usualy max payne misses him and he jumps to the train but in the mod max payne gets him and kills him on the spot and then it stays in cinematic mode and i cant do anything.ANY HELP????Skribble___________________________[url removed]

MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition v3.0

I downloaded Kung Fu 3 and did as it said ( unzip and put in the maxpayne folder where the exe file is ) but when the game is loaded and i try to go to customized games that part is not highlighted. So what went wrong? thanks!

MAX PAYNE: Kung Fu Edition v3.0

Anyone now how to get around the problem when you get to a certain level in Kung Fu (I got to lev 4) but that doesnt matter because It resets my level whenever a new part starts. Is there a cheat I can use to just be at the top level?


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