Might & Magic Heroes VI Patch 1.2.0 & patch 1.2.1


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These patches will update the English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish language digital download versions of Might & Magic Heroes VI to version 1.2.0 & 1.2.1 respectively.

Patch 1.2 introduced a bug in which it was possible that an achiement could be copied from one user to another by using the Compared Profile feature. Patch 1.2.1 fixes this issue, which only affected player achievements and no other parts of a player's profile.

Patch 1.2 changelog:

• Skirmish AI tweaks:
o Tries to defend all owned town (previously the AI focused on its starting town)
o Previously if a hero stronger then the AI's hero threatened a town, the AI hero let that town undefended. Now the AI calculates all of its nearby hero's army and creature growth and defends the town if it finds it possible
o Always defends the last owned town if it can causes reasonable losses to the attacker hero
o Huge speed improvement, AI thinking is approximately 2-3 times faster than in the previous version
o Further improvement of cooperation among primary and secondary heroes
o Improved exploration and target priority
o Pre-calculated army contraction. The AI calculates how many creatures can the target collect (including possible creature growth) before the AI's hero can reach it and calculates if it is worth to chase it.
o Further improvement of Town portal usage
o In case of an FFA the AI tries to attack and capture towns from a weaker player
o FIXED: Sometimes the AI attacked a much stronger hero than itself
o FIXED: Sometimes without reason the AI split its army into 2 and lost against a stronger hero
o FIXED: Sometimes the AI miscalculated the cost of a town portal and spent too much points before trying to use it (resulting an undefended town)
o FIXED: The AI ignored some neutral buildings
o FIXED: Several smaller bug fixes
• Combat AI tweaks:
o General target choice improvement for the units
o Improved ability usage
o Improved racial ability usage
o Improved ability selection and different builds for Magic/Might, Tears/Blood heroes
o Improved creature ability usage
• Gameplay improvements:
o The unit setup after using the Tactics ability is remembered from battle to battle
• Intel support:
o Fog calculation
o Variance shadow mapping vs. hardware shadow mapping
• Balance tweaks:
o Rage II-IV gives +10 Might Attack instead of +15
o Rage points generated by attacks reduced to 16(friendly)/8(enemy) (from 20/10)
o Guardian Angel: Good moral gives 70 racial points (instead of 100)
o Retribution aura cooldown increased to 5 instead of 3
o Haste initiative bonus increased to 12 (from 10)
o Slow initiative reduction increased to 12 (from 10)
o Mass Haste initiative bonus increased to 6 (from 5)
o Mass Slow initiative reduction increased to 6 (from 5)
o Father Sky damage increased to 380 (from 353)
o Idol of Air damage increased to 276/318/366 (from 240/277/319)
o Martyr Might Resistance and Health bonus reduced to +10.8%/12.4%/14.3% (from +21.6%,24.9%,28.6% Might Resistance, +13%,15%,17% Health)
o Hour of Judgement bonus damage increased to 31% (from 21%)
o Hell Hound Might Defense increased to 5 (from 4)
o Cerberus Might Defense increased to 6 (from 4)
o Kirin and Sacred Kirin movement reduced to 6 (from 7)
o Kirin Magic Defense increased to 33 (from 32)
o Sacred Kirin Might Defense reduced to 31 (from 33)
o Sacred Kirin Magic Defense reduced to 33 (from 35)
• Several bug fixes (Dynasty weapons, unit abilities, scripts, localization)

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