Need for Speed Carbon v1.3 Retail Patch


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The first patch for Need For Speed Carbon has been released.

Note: If you intend to play online, you must upgrade using this patch - failure to do so will prevent you from racing online.

Issues Addressed

- Addresses issue with the online authentication screen
- Allows for consistent use of EA Messenger
- Updates to address a leaderboard issue during Online Pursuit Tag
- Allows for full friend searching functionality
- Updates to address launching issues between XP and 2K

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Need for Speed Carbon v1.3 Retail Patch

hi i was wondering if enyone has a need for speed no cd patch that works i have a downloaded version and im borrowing a friends CD key but i dont got the CD no more and i cant play none of the CD patches ive tryed work the screen goes black when i click carbon and then goes back to desktop with an error when i used other patches can enyone help me?


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