Neverwinter Nights 2 - Pool of Radiance Remastered


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Pool of Radiance Remastered is a remake to the classic RPG the Pool of Radiance. PoRR will be released in 4 Chapters, this is Chapter 1.

- Skeletons now lock the inner doors at Sokol Keep when the attack on the keep starts.

- Sokol Keep armory is now walkable

- Sokol Keep gate cannot be picked open anymore

- Adventurer duplication bug fixed at Slums

- Fixed some typos

- Conversation breaker Ferran Martinez fixed

- Conversation breaker Alrem Lorath fixed

- Unlimited Supply kits upon loading bug fixed

- Plot breaker at Council Hall fixed

- Ambient sounds Bitter Blade fixed

- Feat Orc Slayer will be granted upon defending Sokol Keep

- Fire Bombs reduced to 2 at Sokol Keep

- Leaving adventurers at docks removed

- Waypoint to Slums added at Walled Settlement

- Thugs conversation loops have been removed

- New conversation options for Roldd

- New conversation options for Dirten at Sokol Keep

- Dirten will join you as companion and is not immortal anymore

- Faction problem Kuto's Well fixed

- Shops will buy for less gold now

- Head model Tyrrans changed

- All areas have display names now

- Companions have proper experience for their level now

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