Q3: Rocket Arena 3 Win32 v1.65 Client


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This is the latest version of Quake 3: Rocket Arena: Version 1.65.

What's New?
Shaft gfx pointed at ground, Falling damage sounds, Specinvite messages, Player lean, End-Of-Round window bugs, Flood protection, Better stats, Floor damage bugfixes, Arena selection menu fixes, Crosshairs, Competition mode gives a black screen for spectators not following a player.

About Rocket Arena:

The concept of Rocket Arena is simple.
Put two players in an arena
Give them full weapons and ammo.
Take away powerups.
Take away weapon pickups.
Take away ammo and armor pickups.
Take away everything except the enemy.
Then fight.
... and see who's left standing.
Loser goes, winner stays, everyone else watches in line and waits for their chance.

What started as a rocket dueling mod for Quake 1 has now evolved into an entirely new way to think of first person deathmatch. No longer is the winner determined by who can run the level the best or time the quad or get the best weapons. Everyone begins as equals, and only their fighting skill will keep them alive.

Players can hone their skills one-on-one in hundreds of different arenas, or learn team fighting tactics in intense team battles. With all the weapons at their disposal, players quickly learn the strengths and weaknesses of each. Using the wrong weapon in a situation can lead to instant death when confronted with an enemy who has the full arsenal at his disposal as well. Rocket Arena is not a forgiving game.
One false move and you head to the back of the line. Hopefully a bit smarter for your next attempt.

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