Soldier of Fortune II v1.02 Patch


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This is the 1.02 patch for Soldier of Fortune 2.
Keep in mind, you must have patch v1.01 installed to use this upgrade.

Short list of changes in 1.02:

Added SIG551 assault rifle to primary weapon list
Added Silver Talon pistol to the pistol weapon list
Fire grenades got minor damage increase for fire on ground
M-60 third-person reload animation now properly timed
Increased the rate of fire on the M60
Slight accuracy adjustment on pistols
All pistols are now single fire but can be fired much faster.
Should now say "detonated by X's m203" when killed by the m203
g_availableWeapons cvar no longer modifiable, now controlled through "disable_*" cvars.

Fixed bug that would cause people to join the game with no weapons
if crouched when walking over an item it will make no noise when it is picked up

Crouching in mid air no longer gives accuracy bonus. This means that shooting when jumping will be much more inaccurate as initially intended

Slight increase to the MP5's accuracy
M3A1's accuracy has been increased
With friendly fire off you can no longer kill a teammate with a grenade by changing teams immediately after throwing it.

Added new Kamchatka map mp_kam4
Added new Colombia map mp_col2
Added new hospital map mp_hos2
Added new Prague map mp_pra2
Raven map updated to fix the roof bug and the window bug on roof
RMG infiltration improved to generate better maps more consistently

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Soldier of Fortune II v1.02 Patch

This game is realy kewl even half works on my p3 450mhz geforce2 but its a bit slow, the patch better fix it up a little. I like the sound of the new weapons too but downloading 20megs on a 56k modem will take a while. Oh to get this patch go to the downloads tab at the top of the window.

Soldier of Fortune II v1.02 Patch

ciao a tutti il mio problema e che per installare le patch mi chiede la pacht 1.00 ma esiste?io ho la 1.01 e la 1.02 altre pacht non le ho trovate ma il problema che mi dice che non posso installarle se non ho la 1.00 dove la tro grazie saluti

Soldier of Fortune II v1.02 Patch

Noticed some of you guys wanted BOTS in this game there is actually a few MODS that add this feature Can't remember exactly what site they are on but the one I downloaded is called "full metal rocket" and it rocks if you want some madness with about 10 bots all armed with rocket launchers, Grenades and Grenade Launchers. The bots are kinda dumb but it adds a bit action to my games on a 2 PC network.

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