Space Empires: V - v1.33 Retail Patch


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Malfador Machinations and Strategy First have released the latest patch for Space Empires V.

This patch will upgrade your game to version 1.33.

Version 1.33:
1. Fixed - AI would scrap facilities to make room for spaceports even for races which didn't need them.
2. Fixed - Point-defense bolt weapons would sometimes not fire on torpedoes.
3. Fixed - For seeking or bolt weapons, the calculation for whether a weapon would hit a target moving
away was incorrect.
4. Fixed - Facilities were not showing up in Ground Combat.
5. Fixed - Planets were not getting shields in combat simulations.
6. Fixed - During combat, the cargo report for ships and planets would not show unit damage.
7. Fixed - A highlighted cargo item at the bottom of the cargo tab should not show the damage percent on
the cargo item picture (since its displayed to the right of the picture).
8. Fixed - Emissive armor was still providing its damage resistance even when destroyed.

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