Star Wars Battlefront v1.01 Patch


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The first patch for Star Wars Battlefront has been released.

This update for the game has been modified to correct the following:

- Corrects an issue with connecting via GameSpy Arcade.

- Corrects an issue with losing connection to the host after Task-Switching.

- Added planet names at Planet Loading Screen.

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Star Wars Battlefront v1.01 Patch

this game is totally fun!ok perhaps nos the code needs a bit of polishing, but what makes this sooo fun is that in maps there are toooons of npcs/pcsno longer semi-empy mapseven if it s a 32 guys server (you can find up to 64) there are tons of npcs that shoot around and make you feel like you were in a real battle!!!i really like this thing (of course you hve to play multiplayer to really enjoy this game!)

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