Stomping Land has carnivore mounts too



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Yesterday we looked at the newly implemented carnotaurus dinosaur in the upcoming, Kickstarter funded, open world dinosaur survival sim, The Stomping Land, which had the player hunters running around its feet hoping to stay out the way. But if you can find one sleeping, or happen to have tamed one, feel free to hop on its back as you can ride the thing around and terrify everyone around you.

In the video below, you'll see one of the heavily painted hunters approach a tamed carnotaurus, hop aboard his back and begin driving it around like a car.

The animations for getting aboard the dinosaur are pretty much non-existent at this point, but they're just place-holders. The movement of the carnotaurus itself though is excellent. We caught a glimpse in the previous trailers, but in this one, you can really see the sloping way it pounds across the dirt.

It just seems a shame at this point that during The Stomping Land's Kickstarter campaign it didn't reach the Oculus Rift stretch goal, as riding one of these things with an actual sense of height would be pretty exhilarating.

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