Sudden Strike Forever Patch


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This patch applies the following changes:

multiplayer map stability: all old multiplayer maps were recompiled for optimal use with "Sudden Strike Forever" to prevent synchronization losses and back-to-Windows crashes. ATTENTION: To avoid the newly compiled maps from being overwritten with the old version when playing with someone who hasn't this patch installed, the maps were renamed (an underscore ("_") was added). Please mind also not just to transfer the new maps to a player who hasn't this patch installed, but to assure that every player participating in a multiplayer game has the patch itself installed. - campaign/single player maps: all old campaign/single player maps were recompiled for optimal use with "Sudden Strike Forever" to prevent back-to-Windows crashes.

the unit "SD.KFZ. 138/2 JAGDPANZER 38(T) HETZER" was sometimes shooting with a long delay and distantly from the target; this has been corrected.
the game sometime crashed when a wounded medic was put into a mobile hospital; this has been corrected.

when using the editor, it was possible to overwrite existing campaign missions; user-defined campaigns are now created in the folder "MapsCustom_Campaign" to prevent this (if a user-defined ampaign has been finished, it has to be copied to the folder "MapsCampaign" to enable it)

some minor language flaws in the editor have been corrected.

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Sudden Strike Forever Patch

Hi I'm From Mexico CityI bought Sudden strike forever on the U.S. I was playing the german side on moderate mode where you need to hold to islands and the russians are continously striking the german troops, but the problem is that in a certain time the russian troops are to many and the program crashes because the stock limit for the megant rifleman is reach.Thanks for the comments you may send or if you could send me the proper patch.

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