X3: Reunion Patch v1.0 - v1.4.02 [English]


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X3: Reunion 1.4.02 Readme updates

The 1.4.02 update for X3: Reunion fixes a number of issues in 1.4 and earlier versions. It also provides improved support for widescreen resolutions.


- Support for widescreen resolutions has been improved, aspect ratio corrected.


- Certain crashes related to loading savegames have been resolved (some savegames from version 1.3.02 BETA might no longer be compatible with 1.4.02).
- A crash that appeared when adding a new station to a specific complex configuration has been resolved and complex building routines have been adapted.
- A crash that appeared under Win98/Win2000 when firing weapons has been resolved.
- A crash when starting the game on older CPUs (Athlon, C3) has been resolved.
- Issues with older ATI graphics card drivers (pre cat6.3) and medium shader settings that resulted in videos being played back as a white screen have been resolved.
- Some textures have been improved to reduce the "see-through" effect (e.g. planets could be seen through certain pixels at the border of otherwise solid objects).
- Improved installation of Windows Media Codecs under Windows 98 / 2000 (the default installation sometimes did not complete the setup process).

Note: Savegame compatibility is maintained from all previous publicly released versions to 1.4 (including 1.4.1 BETA 1 and 2) but it is possible that certain savegames made using 1.3.02 BETA may no longer work.

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X3: Reunion Patch v1.0 - v1.4.02 [English]

I loved X-2. When the patch came out to disable its copy protection the game got even better. No more weird crashes corrupt save files and instantly hostile sectors.X3 uses Starforce. This is widely known to be harsh Malware that seriously disrupts the way your PC looks at optical discs, possibly even requiring a reinstall to fix. With all the hoopla over Sonys rootkit, I can only hope that this Starforce nonsense gets some media attention for being a much harsher form of Malware. (installed without user consent I might add)Until Starforce is removed, I am staying away from X3, and I have been a huge fan of the series ever since the original X Beyond the Frontier. I couldn't be more disappointed if I tried. :(

X3: Reunion Patch v1.0 - v1.4.02 [English]

Hello againMy pc runs okay on starforce, to be honest don't know what it is but obviously its there to protect piracy so in that respect works a treat. X needs to be more open like ELITE was where yo really believed you were in space...X3 is the best yet since those days but not a big improvement on X2...MTN

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