Z: Steel Soldiers v. 2/SSPatchfourBETAUS


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PATCH TWO / 22-June-01 | Upgrades software to v1.20


- Key 'G' now gives you the guard cursor when you press it..
(if units are selected).
- Key 'R' now gives you rally-point cursor when pressed (if a
factory is selected).
- SHIFT-CLICK will now take the unit out of the selection.
- Occasional random freezing ingame.

b | SINGLE PLAYER | Additions & Changes

- Key 'A' now selects all units of the same type as the current
leader that are on screen.
- Key 'F' regroups the units into the next formation.
- Added a mouse-slider for cursor speed


- Improved GameSpy support and connectivity.
- Faster multiplayer games.
- Fixed the occasional CRC/Drop out error.
- Now when the host quits, clients return to the Lobby.
- Regular crash during resigns.

d | MULTIPLAYER | Additions / Changes

- Improved Resign / Quit system

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Z: Steel Soldiers v. 2/SSPatchfourBETAUS

Steel Soldiers would be a lot better if someone would come up with some trainers and cheat codes which could be applied to single player games and, not the internet. Had I known there was no codes or trainers available I would never have bought the game.

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