Assassin's Creed 3 v1.01 (+16 Trainer) [LinGon]

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Note: if the trainer dont

Note: if the trainer dont work at all for your version of the game, than please use some other trainer available for this game. I will not take requests for free to make it work for your game version, if the trainer dont respond to your game version, than i will only take requests to make it work if you are prepared to donate a smal amount. Keep the above in mind. (He wants us to pay him in order to make it work)


i have found the short keys but who is the home button man Home: Enable Codes F1: Super Health F2: Infinite Money F3: Infinite Ammo F4: No Reload F5: Infinite Smoke Bombs F6: Infinite Arrows F7: Infinite Consumables F8: Super Stealth F9: Reset Detection F10: Super Speed/Sprint F11: Super Jump Number 9: Slowdown Enemies Number 0: Fast Enemies Insert: Disarm Enemies Page Up: Set Mode 1 Page Down: Set Mode 2 Numpad 0: Store Location Numpad 2: Teleport Numpad 3: Undo Teleportation

i bought the steam version

i bought the steam version just so i could play this difficulty mod, i even donated to you for this as well and its not working. i press home key and nothing. PLEASE. HELP. i have the steam version. what can i do? why isn't it working. i'm on windows 7 64 bit, is that the problem? or what else could it be? please! thanks.

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