Mass Effect 2 v1.2.1604 (+17 Trainer) [LinGon]

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Trainer is working and all, so thank you for that But 1 ******* element/credit per button press?! Expect me to put something in between my keys to get them stuck so i can afk for a day to get enough credits to buy everything? it's faster to just farm normally without cheats Why even put it in and count it as an option when it's pretty much useless... this trainer is +12

I've played through ME2 3 or

I've played through ME2 3 or 4 times and I was looking for a trainer (never used a trainer before) to eliminate the need to scan for elements. But 1 element/credit per button press does make this trainer absolutely useless for this purpose. I wonder why the author even wasted his time making this function if he didn't intend on making it useful.

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