CPR 2000 BETA 5


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CPR 2000 is a set of tools that will help you run and manage Windows
98/SE much more effectively integrated in one little handy window. The
tools are described below:
Covert Programs Revealer
This tool will help find those hidden programs that are not normally shown on the GUI. With this tool you can find and run them easily. You can also execute the program with a parameter switch, view the properties page for the file and view a small description of the file.

System Tune Up
Easily optimize your system to run faster and smoother with this tool. A selection of optimizations for you to select and choose a good value according to your system, and just with a button click your system is tuned up.

Internet Connection Tune Up
Optimize your internet download speed for up to 600%. The speed varies from system to system and if you are connected to an analog or a digital modem. The Internet connection tune up tool updates your MTU values plus other values to optimal values. Supports 28.8k to 56k-, ISDN-, cable- and DSL modems, and even Ethernet Networks...