DeskPro Studio v.2.4 SR1 build 2036


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DeskPro Studio is Cintel's award-winning Windows shell replacement, providing faster performance than the standard Windows shell, and a host of Cintel applications. If you're tired of that old, slow Windows User Interface then replace or supplement it with Cintel DeskPro, a fast and easy to use, 32-bit Windows Command Shell, which provides Application management, Shut Down, Run, File Management etc. and is very easily customised to suit your individual needs, with customisable icons for your favorite applications, folders, files or web sites.

Using DeskPro as your windows shell frees-up previously-occupied RAM, enabling games and other applications to run up to 20% faster, with higher frame-rates and smoother animation. Another feature unique to DeskPro is the support for Cintel's 'Lite' version applications. Lite versions are fully functional, and have no features removed from the full version, however, they are distributed in a smaller package, just their executable and the support files they require. You do not need to download the large runtime libraries with every Cintel Lite application because they are automatically installed by the DeskPro installation program.