goScreen v.3.5


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goScreen helps you better organize your computer monitor screen area by creating up to 40 virtual pages on it. It adds another dimension to the Windows taskbar. Now you can group applications by themes and avoid an overcrowded desktop. When you switch screen pages, all running Windows programs just disappear from the screen and from the taskbar, but they are right there waiting when you switch back.

Think of your desktop as a sheet of paper. It has one visible surface. Now imagine that there is a number of surfaces, or screen pages, with only one visible at a time. All the pages are of the same size − size of the monitor screen and are placed "one above the other". This is how goScreen works.

It creates a number of virtual pages on the monitor screen. When a program is started, it is placed on the current - "active" screen page. When one then goes to another page, the program is left on the page where it was started - one can always find it there. It is possible to move programs from one screen page to another.

When you start goScreen for the first time, you see several numbered buttons plus ?>
and buttons. Each numbered button represents a virtual page. Raised button is for inactive page, sunken − for the current one. Button "with ribs" means that this page is empty, that is there are no running applications on the page. One can change number of pages from 2 to 40. But this is only the beginning. The visual appearance is highly configurable. It is possible to change size, font, color, put icons on buttons and so on. Also, there is a number of screen management commands, that you may want to define.

goScreen is a way to organize your everyday work, not a beautification tool. It helps you work with other applications trying to remain as unobtrusive as possible. When using goScreen, what you can rely on is absolute stability and solid functionality.

New in version 3.5

It is now possible to put screen page buttons on the system tray: these icons resemble "normal" screen page buttons and act like ones.

It is possible to copy an application from an inactive screen page to the current, active one.

GoScreen is now capable of monitoring "hidden activation": applications on inactive screen pages which for some reason become active.

New contents menu feature makes it possible to find an application and go to the corresponding screen page with a single mouse click.

GoScreen now completely supports right-to-left layout needed for Middle Eastern languages.

There is also a long list of minor improvements and tune-ups.