Netlocity 1.2


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Netlocity - is a complete package to help increase network traffic and stability of your internet connection..
Now available for Win95/98/NT/2000.
Easy to Use - Netlocity was written with all levels of users in mind. Simple to use, yet robust for the advanced user.

Maximizes the MTU, RWIN, and TTL in the Windows registry.
Bypass DNS lookup by saving frequently visted web page IPs addresses in the hosts file.
Connect to the internet directly from Netlocity, or use automatic connect on program launch.
Backup the system registry directly from Netlocity, no need for extra software.
Manual host file edit for creation of vanity addresses.
Manually add sites with easy to use interface.
Add current site in active webbrowser with two clicks.
Convenient tray icon for easy access.
Default settings for Analog, ISDN, ADSL and Cable modems.
Auto host file update, to keep your hosts file current.