NetSonic 3.0


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NetSonic is an Internet Accelerator. Its primary functions are intelligent caching using SonicCache technology and pre-loading pages based on user defined settings using SonicFetch.
All browsers use a storage folder called cache. NetSonic introduces a special type of cache to your system that allows for rapid display of previously visited websites without the delays you normally experience with a browser running alone.

In addition to its caching ability, NetSonic allows for pre-loading of content from previously visited pages or pages you haven't visited yet, depending on how you configure NetSonic's SonicFetch feature. Pre-loaded pages will be displayed instantly from the NetSonic cache.

Other features of NetSonic that will help you maximize your Internet experience include Offline browsing, the MTU Optimizer (NetSonic Pro only), which optimizes your Internet connection, and the Exclude Site feature which allows you to designate websites that will not be cached by NetSonic.