vRamDir 1.10


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vRamDir is a dynamic 32-bit virtual RAM file system driver for Windows 95/98. It is to replace RAM-disk and speed up hard-disk related operations. vRamDir is over 30 times faster than hard-disks, 5 times faster than RAM-disks, and 2 times faster than disk-cache. vRamDir also keeps hard-disks less fragmented, saves hard-disk wears and tears, and saves battery power on notebook computers.

vRamDir does not pre-allocate any memory, and it has no practical limit on the amount of files it can hold. No matter how much RAM your system has, vRamDir puts it into more efficient use and speeds up the system. If the system has more than 32MB RAM, vRamDir prevents the RAM from being wasted; if the system has less than 16MB RAM, it is important to use vRamDir to increase system speed.