WinChanger 2000 4.0


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WinChanger lets you change settings in Windows 9X/NT4/2000 and Millennium that normally would require advanced editing to the windows system registry and other parts of Windows. As most people know, the windows registry isn't something worth editing unless you know exactly what you're doing. And even if you are familiar with it and are used to edit it, there is no way you can know what and where to change all the things that you want. This is exactly what WinChanger helps you with.

WinChanger has an easy to use point and click interface that lets you edit all the things you always wanted, but never known how. For example haven't you always wanted to get rid of that stupid shortcut arrow on the shortcut icons? Maybe you want to rename the recycle bin or you don't use it at all and want to get rid of it? This can all be done using WinChanger.