Windows 98 Tips and Tricks 2.0


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One of the most common areas of PC based support calls is in the provision of assistance to help end-users setup and configure their new or secondhand PC's. Most people rely on a friend or the seller of the computer to enable them to set up their PC's in the most efficient and effective manner, sometimes being charged a fee for the effort!

The seller of the PC with tight profit margins is almost always likely to charge for the effort in many cases thus annoying the end user, or alternatively the salesperson talks in "techno-speak". This is of no use to the home end user in most circumstances as they wonder "what planet the sales person" is from and they become increasingly frustrated with their new purchase!

Now you can buy a simple, but well structured, software coaching tool that will show you with real live screenshots and text how to go about ...... using Windows 98. The series is self paced and easy to follow and help is readily at hand with the intuitive interface. Lessons can be scrolled both backwards and forwards at the user's own pace and are set up as topics based on key areas of interest. The Tab sections of Windows 98 dialog boxes is also setup to work in the same way that Windows 98 operates so you can follow the steps one at a time, just as if you were making the changes on your PC! The next screen presented then explains what is about to happen and highlights key areas either with a hand (indicating a click on link) or an arrow pointing to the topic being addressed. EASY!

How many times have you been asked to assist a friend with the most elementary tasks in setting up the PC? Encourage them to buy a copy of this inexpensive Windows 98 Tips and Tricks Tutorial. It will last them for the life of their PC and stop them from annoying you!

Web based coaching and tips are available free on the WWW BUT the major problem with most of these is that unless you can quickly select the topic of your choice you are stuck with using search capabilities and then rely heavily on bandwidth and connect time and charges. In many instances you are precluded from printing the details or using the information later on and many coaching tips are purely text based and technically oriented.

Using the Windows 98 Tips and Tricks coaching tool in your own home at your own leisure is a much more effective way of getting it right, first time, and for much lower cost!