This Is my epic Rig.

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Last Updated: August 13, 2013 - 10:56am
System information
AMD bulldozer X8 core
Video card(s): 
Gigabyte GTX690
corsair X4 8gigs= 32gigs
Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
asus ROG
Hard drive(s): 
x4 512gb ssd sata3
Sound card: 
sound blaster X-fi titanium
Power supply: 
1600watt corsair
Cooling system: 
this is my monster plays any game on the market. i dont know all the parts in my PC


looks nice

why such a big psu? i myself use a 850W coolermaster gold series psu and i am good. mine almost looks exactly the same build just mine is more custom inside and smaller of a case. your mobo is a asrock, not an asus. still a sub asus mobo but its no asus. lol.. other wise a good looking setup, you should take a look at mine sometime. i really need to update my pics though.