Kick Ass Kung Fu - Showcase Video


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Kick Ass Kung-Fu is an immersive game installation that transforms computer gaming into a visual, physical performance like dance or sports. You can fight and defy gravity like kung-fu movie actors - only there's no wires or post-production needed, thanks to the real-time embodied interaction and virtual set technology.

To download a movie showcasing Kick Ass Kung-Fu, follow the download tab above.

As an idea it simply is amazing but as far as implementation goes it has some way to go, the game takes place on a 5 meter cushioned playfield suitable for martial arts and acrobatics training. Using custom computer vision technology, you are taken inside an artificial reality where the normal laws of physics no longer apply. Your movements are exaggerated so that you can easily dodge your opponent's bullets by jumping five meters in the air and landing behind his back. Using the dual projected screens, one at each end of the playfield, you can also continue by counter-attacking your stupefied enemy from the behind.

Kick Ass Kung-Fu is a herald of a new era of computer games as spectator sports, a new rise of the arcade after the past years of yielding to home entertainment. The installation has been exhibited in Kiasma Theatre in Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland. It has also been used in a television show where Finnish celebrities competed in the game.

Some of the features of the installation include:

- Control the game with your own movements - actually, it's your own figure in the play!
- Total freedom to move, jump and kick - no wires needed!
- Perform film style gigantic leaps - you are not constrained by real world physics!
- Computer vision technology analyzes the power of impacts and damage. The technology works with any number of simultaneous players and with weapons such as swords and nunchakus.
- Use your voice and special poses for devastating chi-energy attacks.

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Kick *** Kung Fu - Showcase Video

that game looks like s**t lol but i must say the concept could work for side scroll fighting games. like final fight! and they need to implement more options like the ability to grab and hold the electronic characters and such. *grabs char shirt and flips him over shoulder and punches him in the face while he is on the ground*

Kick *** Kung Fu - Showcase Video

The concept is pretty neat, but the game itself looks simply retarded, it would be great for most side scrolling fighters, however, something would need to be implemented so that you could walk but also stay in the game. Also, I never did like the idea of being able to see myself in a game, why can't they make so that the movement of some part of you body equates to a movement of some sort of computer animated body part. It wouldn't be that difficult. and of course, the largest problem with this game is the massive amount of space it takes up and the fact that a single unit should cost about 20,000 dollars, and that would be a mid-low estimate. This would be fine for arcades, but even then it would probably cost about 3 - 8 dollars to play. although it would be sweet to fight a friend by playing this. But what happens when you get hit. I want to see that guy fall down in the game, not win.

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