18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker - Extra parking level


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Extra parking level

Beat the first 4 levels to unlock truckstop.

New Truck And Trailer

Beat Very Easy Mode With All The Truck And There Should Be A Tight Truck With Lights and 2 Trailers.Cool

Extra Parking Levels

When You Beat The Last Parking Level There Will Be 2 More Tracks,Truckstop And Factory 2

Extra truck

Beat game once in arcade mode and a Chinese cabover truck will appear in the truck selection menu.

New Japanese Truck

Beat the arcade mode on normal difficulty with all 4 truckers and you will unlock "Nippon-Maru"

New driver

Finish arcade mode with all 4 original drivers to unlock a new character and truck.

Get Horn Power Up

Beat Lizard Tail from New York to Key West

Get Muffler Power Up

Beat Lizard Tail from St. Petersburg to Dallas

Get Engine Power Up

Beat Lizard Tail from Dallas to Las Vegas

1000 Bonus Points

On the main menu select VERSUS, pick your truck and trailer and then press "a" Select Sea Side 1 as your game level, press "a",start of and when you get to and old ruddy looking building with a big garage crash it and it will say Special 1000 points

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