AFL Live 2003 - Easy Goals

AFL Live 2003 - Easy Goals

Easy Goals

In a corner, just pass the . A player will get the ball an kick it. Before he kicks it,move him ner the goal. There is a good chance that he will score a goal.
Submitted by Aaron Jelfs

Get easy wins

Choose Brisbane in the Gabba against any team under easy difficulty and this team will be unbeatable.
Submitted by Aaron Jelfs

Change your player

During gameplay press Select Up X, Triangle, Square or Circle. This will change your players body. Press Select Down for normal

Change name on players

While you are at the main menu, press start and after that hold every other button at the same time. When you have done it a new screen will come up where you select the team and then the player that you wish to have his name changed.

1000 points

During gameplay press start select 3 times and then you will get 1000 points for your team.
Submitted by Dean Robson

Certain Win

If you are Brisbane at their home ground in easy mode you will garuntee a definite win.
Submitted by Toby