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Cheat Menu

Press L1 at the controller selection screen to activate cheats that have been bought.

Taunt opponents

Hit a homerun and on the way to third after replay, press L1 or R1. Your player will taunt the other team's players.

New Homerun Angles

When the Batter is rounding 3rd after a homerun hit press various buttons to see new view angles

More Points

To get points for doing various 'feats' in the game. A easy one is to get 100 points for a perfect game. Do this by switching controls every time the CPU is up at bat and intentionally strike out.

Infinite points

You can gain points for certain feats performed during a game. You can use these points to buy cards which unlock cheats, stadiums, jerseys, producers, and players. An easy way to get a lot of points is to throw a perfect game. This is worth 100 points. Switch controls every time the CPU is up at bat and intentionally strike out. This will get you points for 27 strikeouts, and for a perfect game. Repeat this as many times as needed to get an unlimited amount of points.

Better hitting

As soon as the pitch is thrown hit Start and see the ball path to see if it is a ball or strike. Adjust your cursor accordingly

Restore pitcher's energy

In season, franchise or expansion mode, go to the Disabled List, and put any pitcher on the 15 day DL. Then immediately take him back into your lineup. He will have recovered all his energy.

Better Expansion or Franchise Team

Use trades to get rid of your older less talented players for slightly better players. Even if the CPU rejects your trade, keep trying repeatedly and it is usually eventually accepted. However, make the trade reasonable, such as B- for a B or B. If the player you really want just does not seem to want to join your team, try trading for another player who is slightly better, then return to that player you want and try again. Do this every season to keep good young players.

Unlock Mickey Mantle

In exhibition mode hit the ball 600 feet and you will hear a ring. Then play as the Yankees and Mickey Mantle will be on the team.

Control homerun replay

After hitting a homerun, a replay of it will be displayed. When you see your batter heading home from third base, press various buttons to see different camera angles.

Thom Brennaman's stories

Start a game and allow the controller to remain idel. After a few minutes after they have announced the lineups and the starting pitcher, Thom Brennaman will start telling in-depth stories about baseball.

Easy trade

create a player a DH max out all hitting stats.
put him on your team trade him for anyone a,a-
Submitted by ShotgunRyan

End of season extra points

put all your good players on the farm team & get rid of your farm boys
Submitted by ShotgunRyan

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