Asteroids - Achievements


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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Ruthless 10 points: Destroy 10 Saucers without letting any escape Asteroids - Normal difficulty.
Precision 10 points: Complete wave 1 with 28 shots or less Asteroids - Normal difficulty.
Maniac 15 points: Earn a bonus life Asteroids - Throttle Monkey mode.
Superstar 15 points: Have 4 lives in hand Asteroids - Normal difficulty.
Rockstorm 20 points: Have 24 Asteroids on screen Asteroids - Normal difficulty.
Clockstopper 30 points: End a game on exactly 99990 points Asteroids - Normal difficulty.
Fugitive 10 points: Survive for 3 minutes on your first life Asteroids DeLuxe - Normal difficulty.
Mayhem 10 points: Have a Saucer and 6 Killer Satellite sections on screen Asteroids DeLuxe - Normal difficulty.
Lunatic 15 points: Earn a bonus life Asteroids DeLuxe - Throttle Monkey mode.
Hero 15 points: Have 4 lives in hand Asteroids DeLuxe - Normal difficulty.
Platinum 20 points: Score 250,000 points Asteroids DeLuxe - Normal difficulty.
Pinpoint 30 points: Complete wave 3 with 42 shots or less Asteroids DeLuxe - Normal difficulty.

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