Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - Invincibility


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Press R2 L1 Left d-pad triangle start.This cheat unlocks the invincibility option and the location wrap.

Invincibility, Level Warp

During gameplay press and HOLD L1 R2 left Triangle and press Start. A cheat menu option should now be unlocked.

Auto Level up

Press R2 L1 Left d-pad R3.This cheat automatically takes you to level 20, gives you access to all the feats depending on the current number of slots available . It also gives you level one feats on all of your character's class-dependant feats and an additional 75,000 gold pieces.

Cheat Menu

During gameplay hold R2 L1 Left Triangle and press Start.
Submitted by Michael

Super Character

During gameplay hold R2 L1 Left Triangle and press R3.

Play as Drizzt

At the Main Menu hold L1 R1 and press X Triangle.

Hold a 2 Handed Sword with One Hand

Buy a new 2 handed sword. Click on it 3 or 4 times then do the same with a shield or another sword.
Submitted by Nash

Get Drizzt

At the Main Menu hold L1 R1 and press X Triangle.
Submitted by Nash

Get Super Character

At the Main Menu hold L1 R2 R3 Left and press Start. You will now have a level 20 character.
Submitted by Nash

Unlock Gauntlet Mode

Finish the game using any difficulty setting.
Submitted by Nash

Unlock Extreme Mode

Finish the game using Gauntlet Mode.
Submitted by Nash

Get Drizzt without having to beat the whole game

Get one of your characters to finish "The Gauntlet=" level use level warp from the cheat menu . Once you are done this will unlock the EXTREME difficulty level. Now at the opening menu a new choice will also be available " The Gauntlet ". Start the gauntlet game and you will play as Drizzt... he will easily finish the level if you have the invincibility on from the cheat menu. Once you finish the gauntlet with Drizzt you have the option to save the game. Make a new save. Now all you need to do is start a new game with the Extreme defficulty mode. Choose your best character at this point you cannot import Drizzt . Unfortunately you do not have anything in your inventory at this time. I suggest you warp to the Gauntlet level to pick up a few potions and the onix sword you'll need it . Remember to turn the invincibility cheat on. Once you are done picking up these items warp yourself to the very last level to confront the final boss. Kill her yeah I know its a bit of a spoiler but in my opinion getting Drizzt w/o too much hassle is well worth it . Once you beat the game and the credits are over you can start a new game with any difficulty and import Drizzt as your character. Good Luck.
Submitted by Nash

Quick Level Up

At the beginning of the game press down and hold R2 L1 Left dpad triangle and Start to access the cheat menu. Then turn Invincibility on and use Level Warp to transport yourself to "the gauntlet=" level. Advance as much as you possibly can without running out of time. This level has pretty good monsters to hack and slash and gain lots of experience and gold. But remember before you run out of time Level Warp yourself again into the Tavern. Keep transporting between the Tavern and the gauntlet until you reach whatever level you want. Once you gain enough levels you could probably make it all the way to the end where an Iron Golem is waiting for you. If you kill it not only you receive tons of exp's but also you can pick up the Onix Sword for some massive damage.... and if you are running short of gold you can sell this sword for over 98000 gold pieces. Enjoy.
Submitted by Nash

Duplicating Items

To duplicate items save your game then drop any items that you want to duplicate on the ground, then press start and go to change player and import your character from the save you just made, it will load your character with all your stuff that you had even the stuff you dropped and the items you dropped are still on the ground

Rise from the dead

By using the Import Character function, you can bring a character back from the dead in a 2 player gameWITHOUT loading a saved game.When a character dies, Import the same character from the most recent saved file. They will return exactly as they were when saved. Remember that the character will return where they died, so if the character died by falling into a pit, for example, they will return and fall into the pit again.This is a handy way to not have to repeat tough scenes over again

Advice for during the game

Killing Enemies easily: When you are facing an extra hard enemy or boss in Balders gate there are several ways to kill them:

Run around the enemy as if you were trying to make them dizzy and keep hitting them.

If you use a shield then you can block then hit then block then hit etc. It takes time but you don't loose any life if you are fast enough.

Find a doorway and use a shield for the above method. This is useful when more than one enemy is in the next room.

Cheat Menu

To activate the cheat menu during gameplay you press together: R2 L1 left on d-pad and triangle. You then press start while holding them down. This lets you activate the cheats menu.

Extra Exp

To gain loads of exp you can keep warping to sleyvas then Ciraxis. keep killing them for good exp.


Right. What you wanna do is get a rude Onyx sword by doing the gauntlet e.t.c. Get your character up to the best you want use the cheat if you want hold Triangle, Left, L1, R2 and press in R3 to get to the swamp1. Buy loads of good and expensive stuff it doesn't matter if you use up all your money, and save your game. Now drop all the good stuff and import the character you just saved. You will have loads of stuff plus the stuff on the ground Now do one of two things.

1. Give the stuff to a second player so anyone can join in at any time and not be beat
2. Multiply it again and again and sell it to get loads of money to buy really neat stuff.

P.S. multiply the Onyx sword many a time it is worth al;most 100,000 gold


HAving trouble with the bosses. Here is how to beat some of them.

1.Huge Rat:

This is very dodgily fast so you will need to slash at it as it runs at you. The archer is good to keep it at bay. Its weakness is lightning so if you have a lightning arrow then use it.

2. Lizard King

This gut is slow and powerful. If you are playing solo then run around him and slash when you get his back to you. Use acid and fire together. If you are playing two player then one should stand and fire acid arrows and the other should use an axe or a sword and 'hack and slash'


This guy stays virtually still and his back is his weakness. With two players he should be easy, but watch out for when he eats you. If you have repulsion this is good to use. Try to saty far away and use arrows and Bull Rush if you are the dwarf.

4. THe Final Boss.

This stupid woman's attacks are damn powerful. Kill her I can never kill her the same way twice, so just go for it :

Two player regeneration

When playing 2p. mode and one of the players dies you dont need to load to get him/her back, the living player just have to go to a savegame point to regenerate the dead player.

Easy EXP and Onyx Sword

First use the level warpthe invicibility cheat and warp to the Hall of Remembrance, then go down the stars to the Black Forge, there open the chest and pick up whatever you find, then go over and search the weapon rac, take the weapon and slay the iron giant or whatever it's called. You should now gain about 17 levels.

Good Class/Weapon/Armour Mixes

You need to think about what class does best.
Obviously the dwarf needs to do damage SO...The best thing to do when you progress further is get him the biggest whooparse axe you can find and hack and hack and hack till they fall to bits or the dwarf collapses from over-exertion with a silly grin on his face.It might be my personal opinion but honestly, don't get yourself worked up over getting Clangeddin's Strike or whatever its called, because it just hinders you. It needs a hammer to use and the hammer is so much slower in attack than an axe you'd wonder why they put it in in the first place. Trust me, whirlwind and bullrush are the way to go.

Likewise the sorceress needs a way to protect herself when it comes down to the dirty work.Regardless of what people might say, she just can't hack it with a shiny dagger and a cone of cold spell. Not to say she needs to get up close but you need to realize that there will be plenty of times when she has to disembowel the attackers. As soon as you can get her a decent sword, a decent shield and maybe even a bow. Oh, and put as many points as you can spare into mordenkainen's sword because the little bloke will go far let me tell you.

Beat Last Boss

This is the way i beat the last boss the nasty lady in the onyx tower. Two characters are required so get a mate and play together.One should have the onyx sword to actually do some damage to her, and the other needs fairly good armor and a sense of loyalty to take a cap in the rear for you.The fighter with the sword needs to run in and slash her then run away while the other diverts her to take the attack, this works best with the dwarf and the sorceress.The sorceress doesn't have to run in and die for the dwarf, my friend and i managed to survive together by using the above technique. With the onyx sword this usually takes about five to six hits and your done.One more thing, when she throws her sword, make sure you get that shield up fast because it homes in on you.

Gain 40 levels

start an easy game and dont kill any one. then load an extreme game and load you easy cahracter. warp fastest way yo the iron golem in the onyx tower. and kill it. you will now gain 40 levels
Submitted by Emil D

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