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Strategy Guide

Submitted by Blade the Ruler

Various Cheats

Always make a backup copy before making any changes. Open up the file Baldur.ini with any text editor. Under the heading:

Program Options


Debug Mode1

Start the game and during gameplay press Ctrl Space to bring up the console. Now type any of the following:

CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXPamount XP for selected character or group cap is 2950000

CLUAConsole:AddGoldamount Gold

CLUAConsole:ExploreArea Reveal Map

CLUAConsole:CreateItem"id" Create Any Item in the Game Item List v1.0

CLUAConsole:CreateItem"id"amount Create Any Item 'amount' number of times

CLUAConsole:CreateCreature"monster" Summon a Monster monster list below

Also press the following during gameplay:

Ctrl Shift 8 Max Stats
Ctrl R Heal a Character
Ctrl J Jump to Mouse Cursor Location
Ctrl T Heal Party
Ctrl Y Kill Person or Monster Cursor is on
Ctrl 1 Change Armor Class of Selected Character
Ctrl 6 and 7 Change the Model of Selected Character

Monster List

id monster
wyvern01 Wyvern
ogre01 Ogre
uddrow27 Drow Warrior
behgau01 Gauth Beholder
beheld01 Elder Orb Beholder
dragred Red Dragon
dragblac Black Dragon
dragsil Silver Dragon
lich01 Lich
trogi01 Giant Troll
vammat01 Mature Vampire
icmin01 Minotaur
skelwa01 Skeleton Warrior
icbone01 Bone Golem
ghogr01 Greater Ghoul
troluo01 Splitter Troll
mumgre01 Greater Mummy
golsto01 Stone Golem
mistho01 Mist Horror
hldemi Demi Lich
orc05 Orog Warrior
icsalcol Blue Salamander
gendji01 Djinni
mindfl01 Mind Flayer

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