Battle Arena Toshinden Remix - Alternate Colors


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Alternate Colors

At the Character Selection screen select your character and hold Down then press A B or C.

Big Heads

At the Title screen hold L R then press Start. Keep holding L R while you select your character.

Boss Code

At the Title screen press Up Down X B A Y C Z Start.

Easier Special Moves

While playing press C or Z rapidly to perform a special move.

New Camera Angles

Start a new game and pause it. Go to the Options menu and highlight Exit. Hold L R then press Start. Press Z to zoom out Y to zoom in L to spin left R to spin right.

Play as Gaia

Beat the game normally.

Play as Sho

Beat the game in story mode.

Play as Cupido

Enable Sho then at the Character Selection screen highlight Sho. Now press Up A.

Cupido's Moves Canon Slice F D DF WS or HS
Double Fireball D DB B WK or HK
Air Double fireball D DB B WS or HSAirborne
Aegis Shield hold DF then press WSHS
Special Move F DF D DB B F DF D DB B WSHS
Desperation Move U UB B DB D DF F HK

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