Battlestar Galactica - Unlockables

Battlestar Galactica


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These passwords are entered on the Extras menu using the d-pad or either control stick.

Password - Effect
U,U,D,D,R,U,R,D - Unlock a Picture
L,U,L,L,D,U,L,D - Unlock a Picture
R,R,U,U,L,L,U,U - Unlock one picture
R,R,R,R,D,D,L,L - Unlock one picture
U,L,U,R,U,L,U,R - Unlock one picture
D,D,D,D,L,L,L,L - Unlock one picture
U,U,U,D,D,D,L,R - Unlock one picture
D,D,L,D,D,U,R,R - Unlock Starbuck and Apollo as Wingmen

All Wingmen

Complete the game under normal difficulty

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