Bliss Island - Achievements


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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Fruit Smoothie 5 points: Complete Fruit Smoothie in adventure mode.
Brick Invaders 10 points: Complete Brick Invaders in adventure mode.
Bronze Levels 15 points: Complete all the bronze levels.
Silver Levels 20 points: Complete all the silver levels.
Gold Levels 25 points: Complete all the gold levels.
First Medal 5 points: Win a medal by completing a task.
Three Medals 10 points: Win three medals by completing three tasks.
Bronze Medals 15 points: Win all the bronze medals.
Silver Medals 25 points: Win all the silver medals.
Gold Medals 35 points: Win all the gold medals.
Three-Nil 15 points: Win a game of Fluffy Football 3-0.
Five-Nil 20 points: Win a game of Multiplayer Forest Frenzy 5-0.

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