Call of Juarez - Cheat Codes


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Cheat Codes
Press [] while playing to open the cheat console. Type any of the following cheat codes: Code:
Cheat.God1 God Mode On
Cheat.God0 God Mode Off
Cheat.MagicAmmo1 Unlimited Ammo/No Reload On
Cheat.MagicAmmo0 Unlimited Ammo/No Reload Off
Cheat.Heal Refill Health
Cheat.GiveAmmo Full Ammo
Cheat.GiveRifle Give Rifle
Cheat.GiveDynamite Give Dynamite

Multi Player Commands
Multiplayer commands need to be entered in the chat area default Y or U keys, not in the actual game console. The following commands can be used by any players while on a multiplayer server:

/Nick [nickname] - Changes your player's nickname to the one you enter, limited to 14 characters.
/PlayerList - Shows the list of all players and their IDs.
/KillMe - Kills your character instantly.
/Exit - Exits game

The following commands are for Server Administrators only, again to be entered in the chat area:

/AdminLogin [username] [password] - Logs you in as an admin; users and passwords are defined on the server in the ServerAdmins.scr file in the game's profile.
/AdminLogout - Logs you out as the admin.
/Kick [nickname or ID] [reason] - Kicks a specified player off the server.
/Kill [nickname or ID] - Kills a specified player instantly.
/MapNext - Switches serverto the next map.
/ServerShutDown - Shuts down server after a few seconds

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