Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Alucards Spells


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Alucards Spells

Spell Code
Hellfire Up Down Down Triangle Triangle X or Circle
Summon Spirit Triangle Back Up Down X or Circle
Tetra Spirit Hold Up for 2 seconds Up/Toward Toward Down/Toward Down X or Circle
Soul Steal Back Toward Toward/Up Up Up/Back Back Triangle X or Circle
Dark Metamorphosis Back Back/Up Up Up/Toward Toward Triangle X or Circle

Name of Game Codes

Only after 170 of game has been beaten.

Code Effect
AXEARMOR Start game with new armor
XXV''G Start with 99 luck
RICHTER Play through game as Richter Belmont


Get the Jewel Sword and get the ring the increases chances of random items. Next go into any room where enemies are plenty full. Equip yourself with both of these items and slash away. In no time you'll have enough rings to sell to the librarian and get the duplicator for 500000.

Easy Money

Equiped both the Iron Shield and the Shield Rod. Go to the room were you get the Shield Rod and use it put shield out and attack 2 times. There will be a 1000 gold bag left over. Leave and repeat.
Submitted by: Brian Maurer

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