Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure - Turbo


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Successfully complete the game to unlock the ability to run faster in subsequent games. Hold L during game play to move faster.

Super Belly Flop

Get all the items and you will receive the Super Belly Flop.

Bonus level

Finish the game with a 100 completion. Play again and fight the final Boss. Win the battle to play a level featuring mutated Bosses

Double Jump

Defeat N. Gin on the Boss stage on the second floor to get the Double Jump.

Tornado Spin

Defeat Tiny on the Boss stage on the third floor to get the Tornado Spin.

The Blue Gem

On the level called Ruined, after nitro box Double Jump and float spin left After you see the first normal box it then go back past the start

The Red Gem

The level with the Red Gem in, Do not hit the normal switch before the Nitro Switch. Jump on the Nitro Switch then follow the path below to get the Red Gem

The Yellow Gem

On The last level, The Check Point followed by the thingy that makes you spin over Nitro Boxes. Spin to the left on to the Green An Red Thing

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