Cruis'n USA - Extra Cars


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Extra Cars

At the Car Select screen press CUp CLeft CDown.

Drive the Police Car or School Bus

At the License Plate screen where you enter you h3 for the high score table hold Left for a while until a head go across the screen.
Submitted by: MXJOE32

Nitro Boost

Get the fastest time on a track enter your initials at the top of the scoreboard then scroll down to the bottom of the board. Now push the Analog Stick to the Left until the head appears. Using any car in any race you can now activate the Nitro Boost by pressing Brake Brake Brake Gas Brake Gas. You can only use one Nitro Boost for every Checkpoint passed. The Nitro Boost is great for getting up to speed quickly but it wont add to the top end speed of you vehicle and it only lasts for afew seconds. Note: You can not get a Nitro blast before before the first check point. You can accumilate the boosts. For every check point that you pass you will get a boost. Depending on the number of check points you can get up to three or four boosts per course.
Submitted by: GeneG321

Extra Courses

Highlight US 101 hold L CLeft CDown and press Start to get Golden Gate Park.

Highlight Beverly Hill hold L CUp CRight and press Start to get Indiana.

Highlight Grand Canyon hold L CRight CDown and press Start to get San Francisco.
Submitted by: GeneG321

Get bus

type hi score name as gmb to give you the bus
Submitted by unknown

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