Cruis'n World - Flip Roll

Cruis'n World - Flip Roll

Flip Roll

Execute a normal flip during a jump then press B B A B CUp.

Power Boost

While racing press A A quickly.

Secret Cars

In Practice Mode pick Practice Championship and beat the following tracks in less "Time" to the secret "Car":

Track Time Car
Australia 1:49 Surgeon
China 1:14 Enforcer
Egypt 1:07 Skool Bus
England 1:46 Bulldog
France 2:15 Tommy
Germany 2:27 New York Taxi
Hawaii 3:47 Monsta
Japan 2:48 Rocket
Kenya 2:06 Conductor
Mexico 1:46 Howler
New York 2:11 Grasshopper
Russia 1:58 Rocket