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Various Cheats

Start the game with the commandline parameter set console 1. Then during gameplay press and type 'cheats 1' to enable cheat mode. Now enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
god God Mode
health 100 or greater Additional Health
weapongive110 Weapon Select
massacre Kill All Monsters in Current Level
notarget Invisibility
noclip No Clipping
camtoggle Cycle Three Camera Views
camnextmon Camera Focused on Next Monster
camnextsidekick Cycle Sidekicks on Level
screenshot Screenshot
timescale speed Change Game Speed 1.0 is normal
map level h3 Level Select
bind key and command Key Command Binding
connect server Select Active Server
developer 1 or 0 Toggle Game Engine Messages
flushmap 1 or 0 Toggle Clean Map Load with No Caching
rspeeds 1 or 0 Toggle Rendering Speed Display
rdrawflat 1 or 0 Toggle FlatShaded Polygons
rfullbright 1 or 0 Toggle Lightmaps on Surfaces
glpolylines 1 or 0 Toggle Line Drawing Not available on Voodoo Cards
cheats 0 Disable Cheats
gunlimitedammo 1 Unlimited Ammo
rampage Rampage Mode

Submitted by Davy Day

Boost Attribute


boost attribute

The attributes are power attack speed acro and vitality. To boost all attributes type:

boost all
Submitted by Davy Day

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