Damnation - Cheat Codes


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Cheat Codes:
Enter the following codes in the Unlockables menu.

Code - Result:
LockNLoadAll - All Weapons
LockNLoad - Custom Loadout
PeoplePerson - Custom Characters
LincolnsTopHat - Big Heads Mode
BlowOffSomeSteam - Super Weapon
Revenant Insane - Difficulty



Arrowtree - Casual
Objective:Complete Arrowtree on Casual.

Boomtown - Casual
Objective:Complete Boomtown on Casual.

Double Time
Objective:Complete any chapter after Arrowtree in Co-op on any difficulty

Dumb Luck
Objective:Kill 5 enemies at once with explosive damage.

Found It!
Objective:Collect 1 Emblem.

Free Style Walker
Objective:Chain together any 3 physical abilities in 5 seconds or less.

Mesa Dorado - Casual
Objective:Complete Mesa Dorado on Casual.

Pedestrian Crossing
Objective:Kill 20 enemies with a vehicle.

Objective:Kill 20 enemies with explosive damage.

Skeet Shooter S
Objective:hoot 25 Trip Mines out of the air.

Objective:Get 20 Headshots.

Terra Verte - Casual
Objective:Complete Terra Verte on Casual.

Wall Jumper
Objective:Successfully wall-jump 100 times.

Where'd They Come From?
Objective:Kill 20 enemies without alerting them.


Arrowtree - Hardcore
Objective:Complete Arrowtree on Hardcore.

Boomtown - Hardcore
Objective:Complete Boomtown on Hardcore.

Finders Keepers
Objective:Collect 10 Emblems.

Mesa Dorado - Hardcore
Objective:Complete Mesa Dorado on Hardcore.

People Skills
Objective:Complete the game in Co-op on any difficulty.

Terra Verte - Hardcore
Objective:Complete Terra Verte on Hardcore.

Objective:Complete the Game on Casual.


Arrowtree - Insane
Objective:Complete Arrowtree on Insane.

Boomtown - Insane
Objective:Complete Boomtown on Insane.

Objective:Collected 20 Emblems.

Mesa Dorado - Insane
Objective:Complete Mesa Dorado on Insane.

Objective:Complete the Game on Hardcore.

Objective:Complete the Game on Insane.

Terra Verte - Insane
Objective:Complete Terra Verte on Insane.


Master Of All
Objective:Unlock all Damnation� Trophies to unlock this Platinum Trophy.

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