Darkstalkers 3: Vampire Savior - Fight as Oboro Bishamon


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Fight as Oboro Bishamon

Defeat Oboro Bishamon. Highlight Bishamon at the character selection screen and hold L while choosing him.

Fight as Different Character in Each Stage

At the Character Selection screen highlight the ? box hold Down and press L5x then press Punch.

Fight as Dark Gallon

At the Character Selection screen highlight Gallon hold L and press all three Punch buttons.

Fight as Vampire Hunter Phobos

At the Character Selection highlight Phobos hold L when selecting him.

Fight as Defeated Charcter

Highlight the "Random Select=" icon and press L R four times. Then hold L R and press all three Punch buttons. The Soul Stealer will appear behind your character to confirm correct code entry. Begin game play and defeat an opponent. The Soul Stealer will appear during the victory pose drain your character and move over the defeated character. The defeated character may now be controlled in the next match.

Random Vs Mode Stage Select

Select a character and battle handicap. Hold R and press any button to select a random stage.

Alternate Stage Color

Hold L and press A before selecting a stage in versus mode.

Alternate Costume Colors

Highlight a fighter at the character selection screen. Press all three Punch or all three Kick buttons to select that character.

Vampire Reset

During gameplay hold A B C Start.

Select Victory Pose

After winning a match hold A B C X Y or Z.

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