Daytona USA - Karoke Mode


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Karoke Mode

Set the number of laps in options to normal then choose arcade mode. Select track while holding Up Accelerate.

Old Theme Songs From the Original Sega

Place high enough to enter you initials enter old sega titles for example: O.R Out Run S.H Space Harrier A.B Afterburner. But remember to use two letters with a period in between.

Mirror Mode

Choose PC Mode and at the Track Selection screen hold Spacebar and the tracks will turn around. Keep Space held down and press Accelerate.

Make the Tires Disappear in the Demo

Begin a game enter the pit. When the tires are off press Alt R then let the demo run.

Time Lap Mode & Helicopter View

Choose PC mode then choose a track. Hold Spacebar while selecting a car. You're now in Time Lap mode. After finishing chooose Yes to watch the replay. Press F9 at any time to see the race in helicopter view.

Draw First Car Closer

At any point hold down the 6th joypad button.

Gamble For Time

Near the gambling machine bridge press the 4th gamepad button 3 times. If you get 777 you will get 7 seconds extra and if you get bar bar bar you will get 5 seconds extra.

All Cars

At the Title screen and using the Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad press Up/Left A B X Z.

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