Dead or Alive 2 - Get option screen


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Get option screen

Press start then tap x and triangle at the same time.

Bounce Trick

In the options menu, sub-menu "other", the age you enter determines how bouncy the gals are

Get big heads

Beat the game with any girl, then at the start screen, press and hold x,o,square,triangle,up.If done correctly, you will hear a sound to notify correct code entry.

Get unlimited Lives

At the main menu hold R2 and press X and triangle then start a new game and save it then you'll have Unlimited lives.

Get CG gallery

Finish team mode using 5 characters

Move the Victory Cam

press the triangle button while characther is doing victory pose. You can use the the control pad to move the camera up, down, ect. and use the square button to zoom in and the circle button to zoom out.

Unlock Baymen the assasin

To get Baymen the Assasin all you have to do is beat the game with all of the characters on story mode, on easy.

Unlock Tengu

To open the Tengu as a playable character, you must get 10 stars in the survival mode. The easiest way to do this is to frequently use different players, and jump on an opponent when they are on the ground, as much as possible to get items to pop out of them.

Get new Outfit

You have to win on NORMAL to get the first 2 outfits. Then you must win on HARD to get the second 2 outfits. And then you have to win on VERY HARD to get the final 2 outfits

Get extra Credits

On Very Hard difficulty, beat the game with every character. Now you can see extra credits of every DOA team member, and you'll hear new music.

Get CG Gallery Without winning with five chars

All you have to do is to go into Team Battle and select five characters.Then choose the first and cancel him, after that go out of Team Battle, and voila, you got the CG Gallery.

How to learn all moves

To learn all of the moves, go into sparring mode and while u are practicing, pause. in the menu is an option saying "command list" go to this and it shows u all the character's moves.

Ayane and Tina special movies

To get Ayanes special cinema you must defeat Kasumi but before she dies finish her off with a big blow which should send her flying a cross the screen. if you do you'll a ALOT better cinema after her defeat. Tina when fighting lei fang you should do the same thing but use the giant swing combo on her to finish and you should get a new opening cinema.

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