Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble - Cheat Menu


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Cheat Menu

At the Game Selection screen highlight a saved game file and press L R R L R R L R L R to display the Cheat Menu. Now enter any of the following:

Enter ASAVE to automatically save after each completed level.

Fifty lives
Enter LIVES.

Christmas mode
Enter MERRY to hear Christmas music and turn the stars into bells and bananas into blue presents during the bonus levels.

Sound test
Enter MUSIC.

Alternate colors
Enter COLOR to dress Dixie's in purple and Kiddy's in green.

Bonus coins
Enter WATER. Dixie will cry to confirm correct code entry. Swim to the waterfall to the left of Funky's Rentals without any companions. Approach and touch the waterfall on the left side of the map. Enter and beat the Banana bird cave behind the waterfall to find 85 bonus coins.

Expert difficulty
Enter HARDR to make the game more challenging.

No halfway barrels
Enter TUFST. This code also allows the game to be finished with a 105 completion and a different ending.

Erase time records
Enter ERASE.

Extended Music

At the Game Over screen press L R A B X Y.


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