Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil - Cheat Codes


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Cheat Codes
Bring up the console with [] then type any of the following cheat codes:

Note: To enable the console, add set comallowConsole 1to your command-line shortcut for the game. Alternately, you can try using [Ctrl] [Alt] [] to bring up the console.

Example: C:Doom3doom3.exe set fsgame d3xp set comallowConsole 1

-or- if your game is stored in a folder with a space:

Example: "C:Program FilesDoom3doom3.exe" set fsgame d3xp set comallowConsole 1

god God Mode
noclip No Clipping Mode
notarget Invisibility
benchmark Benchmark Game
doomhell Skip All Levels
freeze Freeze Everything
aviDemo Save Demo in AVI Format
gfxinfo Graphics Card Info
give all All Weapons and Ammo
give keys Give All Keys
give weaponchaingun Give Chain Gun
give weapongrenade Give Grenade
give weaponpistol Give Pistol
give weaponsoulcube Give Soulcube
give weaponmachinegun Give Machine Gun
give weaponshotgun Give Shotgun
give weaponplasmagun Give Plasma Gun
give weaponbfg Give BFG
give weaponchainsaw Give Chainsaw
give weaponrocketlauncher Give Rocket Launcher
status Your Game Status
quit Quit Game
comdrawfps 1 Show FPS
toggle pmthirdperson 3rd Person View
map Load Map
spawn Spawn See List

Spawn List: Use with the SPAWN command

Flaming Zombie: monsterzombiebernie
Chainsaw Zombie: monsterzombiesawyer
Z-sec Zombie with machine gun: monsterzsecmachinegun
Z-sec Zombie with pistol: monsterzsecpistol
Z-sec Zombie with shield: monsterzombiezsecshield
Z-sec Zombie with shotgun: monsterzsecshotgun
Commando Zombie: monsterzombiecommando
Commando Zombie with Chaingun: monsterzombiecommandocgun
Fat Zombie: monsterzombiefat2
Fat Zombie with wrench: monsterzombiefatwrench
Bald Zombie: monsterzombiemaintbald
Zombie with no jaw: monsterzombiemaintnojaw
Zombie with Wrench: monsterzombiemaintwrench
Skinny Zombie: monsterzombiemaintskinny
Zombie: monsterzombiemaint
Zombie: monsterzombiemaint2
Zombie wth Flashlight: monsterzombie maintflashlight
Headless Zombie: monsterzombiesuitneckstump
Zombie: monsterzombiesuitbloodymouth
Skinny Zombie: monsterzombiesuitskinny
Zombie in Labcoat: monsterzombielabcoat
Zombie Missing Limb: monsterzombielimb
Zombie: monsterzombieskinny
Zombie with a pipe: monsterzombiepipe
Zombie in T-shirt: monsterzombietshirtbald
Zombie: monsterzombietshirtblown
Zombie in Jumpsuit: monsterzombiejumpsuit
Zombie Eating: monsterzombiejumpsuiteating
Archvile: monsterdemonarchvile
Cherub: monsterdemoncherub
Hellknight: monsterdemonhellknight
Imp: monsterdemonimp
Maggot: monsterdemonmaggot
Mancubus: monsterdemonmancubus
Pinky: monsterdemonpinky
Revenant: monsterdemonrevenant
Tick: monsterdemontick
Trite: monsterdemontrite
Wraith: monsterdemonwraith
Cyberdemon: monsterbosscyberdemon
Gaurdian: monsterbossguardian
Guardian&8217;s Seeker: monsterbossguardianseeker
Sabaoth: monsterbosssabaoth
Vagary: monsterbossVagary
Adrenaline Power-up: powerupadrenaline
Megahealth Power-up: powerupmegahealth
Invisibility Power-up: powerupinvisibility

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