Dragon Age: Origins - Enable Cheat Console

Dragon Age: Origins - Enable Cheat Console
Enable Cheat Console:
Start the game with the -enabledeveloperconsole command-line parameter.

Example: "C:GamesDragon Agebin_shipdaorigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole

Then, while playing press (tilde) to open the console. You won't actually see it, but the console is running. Type any of the following cheat codes for the corresponding effect.

Code - Result:
runscript addxp # - Add XP (# = Amount)
runscript zz_money # - Add Money (# = Amount)
runscript zz_addparty [NPCName] - Add Party Member
runscript ai off - Disable AI
runscript zz_addapproval # ## - Add Approval (# = Member, ## = Amount)
runscript killallhostiles - Kill All Hostiles