Dynasty Warriors 4 - New Outfits


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New Outfits

Go to the title screen and put in L1, Triangle, R1, Triangle, L2, Square, R2, Square

Get All Wei Generals

Go to the title screen and put in R1, R1, L1, L2, Square, Square, Square, Triangle

Get All Wu Generals

Go to the title screen and put in R2, R1, L2, L1, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square

Get All Shu Generals

Go to the title screen and put in R1, R1, L1, L2, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle

Get All Generals

Go to the title screen and put in R1, R2, L1, L2, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle

Opening Edit

Unlock all 42 generals in the game to also unlock the opening edit

Fighting Strategies For Selected Characters

Guan Yu:
Combo One:one two square then triangle
Dragon Combination

Combo Two:one two three square then triangle
Charging Strife

Combo Three:one two three four then triangle,
triangle once more
Aerial Berserker

Combo Four:one two three four five then
War Berserker

Combo Five:1,2 trianglemust have 7th weapon
then hit six timesthen musou
Annihilation of The God of War

Xiahou Dun:

Combo One:1,2 triangle
Cold Strike
Combo Two:1,2,3 triangle
Beast Strife
Combo Three:1,2,3,4 triangle
Aerial Beast
Combo Four:1,2,3,4,5 triangle
Chrono Ice Heaven
Combo Five:1,2 triangle then musou
The Avenging Eye

Lu Bu:

Combo One:triangleadd Fire Effect
The Beast

Combo Two:1,2 triangle
Spin Of The Beast

Combo Three:1,2,3 triangle

Combo Four:1,2,3,4 triangle

Combo Five:1,2,3,4,5, triangle
Worthless Scum Annhilation 1

Combo Six:triangle and musou
Worthless Scum Annihilation 2

Combo Seven:1,2,3,4,5, triangleno explosion
Worthless Scum Annihilation 3

Combo Eight:1,2 triangleno explosion
Worthless Scum Annihilation 4

Xiahou Dun level 10 weapon

Has to be on hard. Pick level of Xia Pi with Xiahou Dun. Wait until the cut scene were he's hit in the eye with an arrow. Run to Diao Chan and kill her.

Get Lu Bu

To get Lu Bu you have to beat all three kingdoms on mousou mode

Charge Bracer

Do Caimpaign against Sun Jian level with yuan shouo forces and all you do is get into the top castle before back up arrives red hare really helps so you can get therethen in front of the castle a supply captain will appear just kill him to get it. If you want the art of war thing do the same thing except be dong zhuo's force and go into the castle then just kill alot of generals except sun jian but make sure you check history every time you kill a guy to make sure the supply team is there

Defeat Jian Ye wei side

When playing the last level for Wei, you must kill Sun Jian first. Afterwards Sun Ce will declare he is ruler, go kill him. Then Sun Quan, go kill him. Finally Sun Shang Xiang will declare she is ruler kill her and you win. P.S. to make things easier, kill the officers that are not aforementioned in the beginning.

Get Zhao yun's tenth level weapon

Put the game on hard mode and go to free mode and go to the level Bo wan po on the shu side and have your ninth level weapon pick Zhao yun and follow directions from second command general lead the first general you see when you go straight and lead him to the spot and when you do there should be an ambush party and kill the general and lead Han ho or some thing like his name and lead him to the other spot and another ambush party comes out and kill the guy who followed you then get the other guy to the spot and another ambush party kill the guy and go at front of the castle and kill the rest of the generals except Cao cao and then maybe a general may come out kill him if he comes out wait until an event happens it should say Zhao yun has gotten fierce dragon kill Cao cao and there you go NOTE if you have trouble getting the generals to a spot just hit them if they don't follow you


When dealing with magical obstacles; i.e.: boulders, floods, wind storms kill the magician that made it to deactivate the obstacle.When it's military; i.e.: catapults, fire juggernauts, free-standing forts. Destroy it with you're character attack.

Rede Hare Saddle at Hu Lao Gate

Red Hare Saddle at Hu Lao Gate: At Hu Lao Gate Ther will appear a message sometime in the time of the level that says guard captain has arrived go to him and kill him and he will drop a Red Hare Saddle enabeling you to start out on a horse every time you begin a level.

Unlimited Musou On Elephant

If you're on a Nanman level that has elephant troops running around, you can get Unlimited Musou. First charge up your Musou Gauge until it's full. Then, get an elephant. And finally, when you're on the elephant, TAP the circle button and once the Musou attack is done, you're gauge will still be full. Note: This will only work if you TAP the circle button.

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