Extreme G2 - Various Cheats Names


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Various Cheats Names

Enter any of the following "Names" at the Name Entry screen:

Name Effect
FLICK Blurry Bike
SPYEYE Overhead View
SPIRAL Rotating Camera
XXX Super Speed
PIXIE Disables Antialiasing
NITROID Unlimited Nitro's
XCHARGE Unlimited Shields and Maxibolts
MISTAKE Unlimited Weapons
2064 Wipeout Mode
LINEAR Wireframe Mode
NOPANEL No Screen Panels
MISPLACE Misplace Mode
JUGGLE Random Courses
WIPEOUT Wipeout Mode
ROLLER Boulder Race

Submitted by: BlackFury dominionmail.1starnet.com

Various Cheats Passwords

Enter any of the following "Passwords" as a password:

Password Effect
HS3B9BQ9DGPL Mirror Mode
868QCMH3H9HT Vemon Bike
55Hz1MH3H9H1 Wasp Superbike
HSFDCCV611FV Spectre Bike
3GP8ZKW76ZMW All Bikes
8KLSZKW76ZM7 All Tracks
N31GG76CG9DZ More Multiplayer Levels
W7LRGCQ9D6P5 All Bikes Tracks and Duel Mode

Submitted by: BlackFury dominionmail.1starnet.com
Submitted by: Romp Wats Darth5555aol.com

Level Skip

Enter the h3 RA50. Then pause gameplay select Quit and say Yes. At the Placing screen select "Go Go" and you'll skip to the next level.

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