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On the last stage of the game, when you enter to memoria, you will find 5 cards master, this card master are hidden ghost that will appear in very rare location. When you meet a card master the exclamation mark appear on your head. Zidane will shake his head in confusion. You just have to press Square to invite the card master to a card battle. I get most of the rare cards from these battles. They are tough.

At the end when you battle Trance Kuja, and if Zidance die is okay, just makes sure his trance bar is almost fill up. Then after you beat Trance Kuja, you will fight necron. He will begin to hit your party so besure to heal and he will help fill up zidance trance bar and use Grand Lethal or Solution 9 or Stellar Circle or any other trance attack would work and he should be out REAL fast. Also is really nice to have Garnet, Steiner, Amarant and Zidance in you party.

To beat Necron:
The best Party Possible is ViVi, Steiner, Eiko, and Dagger. Equip your entire Party with Auto-Regen, and equip at least Dagger and ViVi with Auto-Life, and equip ViVi with Magic x2 or whatever it's called. Have your Party Members do as Follows:
Dagger: Act as Medic, Cast Reflect on ViVi, Summon
Eiko: Act as Medic, Summon Carbuncle and other Eidolons
ViVi: When has Reflect on himself, have him cast Flare on himself, it will hit Necron and cause 9999 damage.
Steiner: Use Shock, Use Doomsday Sword, IF NEEDED act as Medic

To get the Summon, Ark:
First, you have to enter Memoria and head for the room where Quina though s/he was swimming. When there, look to the right of the screen, there should be a small path leading behind a boulder or reef, I haven't figured out which it is yet. Head into the Path. The View Point won't change so you'll just have to randomly hit the "X" button until a Word Box appears. Finally, you get to Fight Hades. After you defeat Hades, Use Same Strategy as used against Necron he will now act as a Synthesis. You should already have a "Pumice Piece" from earlier in the game. If you don't have the Second "Pumice Piece", then find as many Chocographs as possible. In one of the Treasure Boxes from the Chochograph I'll let you figure out which one, there will be the Second "Pumice Piece". When you have both "Pumice Piece"s, return to Hades. Make sure you have quite a large ammount of Money, it does cost quite a bit. He'll combine the Two Pumice Pieces into "Pumice". Equip Dagger with "Pumice" and she'll learn to summon Ark. Ark does around the Same ammount of Damage as Bahamut or Atomos, but it's a longer summon, and is helpful when fighting Necron.

Beat Ozma:
To beat Ozma, use Quina to cast Might Guard on every one, then Auto-life once more time in case if Ozma kill your party members. Use Eiko in your party to have the possibility for her to summon Phoneix. don't bother to decrease Ozma's MP because Ozma got 9999MP and once it runs low, Ozma can suck MPs from your party members. keep your party's HP high then use Zidane's Thivery, Fraya's Dragon Crest and other skills which do 9999 HP damages, Ozma will not be a problem.

Jump Rope rewards:
At the beginin of the game let Vivi approach the girls playing jump rope in alexandria by the ticket booth and talk to them. They will let you play with them. Press X when the symbol appears above your head to jump, the more jumps the better reward:

20 jumps: 10 gil
50 jumps: Cactuar card
100 jumps: Genji card
200 jumps: Alexandria card
300 jumps: Tiger Racket card
1000 jumps: King of jump rope a key item

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