Finding Nemo - RaceFaster Tip Level Jellyfish Race


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RaceFaster Tip Level Jellyfish Race

You made it This level is very far in the game It is also very hard. Racing Dory is very difficult. Press A super fast over, and over. Set a timer to 60 seconds. After the 60 seconds are over, press START. Take a short break until you are OK to race again. Even if you aren't tired, do this anyway.Keep Doing that until the race is over, and you won. Oh yeah, DO NOT jump on any jellyfish You might think it is making you faster- but it's not Finish the race in 1st, and you get to the next part. You have to bounce on jellyfish. One you're done with that, you don't want to hear this- I have to tell you, though. The 3rd and final part of the level is... another race. Do the same thing I told you, and you will defeat Dory, beating the level

Tip for Level 6 Minefield

When you get to this level, Some part in it there are those spiky bombs. If you touch one, you die. The current is pushing you towards the bombs. What ever way the current is going, swim in the opposite direction. Keep doing that, and you should beat THAT PART of the level. The current changes, so keep your eyes out

Tip for Level 7 submarine

OK, you made it this far, and you might be stuck on something. While you think about that, try doing something else. Do a bonus thing. In this case, it's the pebble game. You know, where you have to match the red, blue, and green pebbles to their bowl thingies. Here's the tip. After you run away from Bruce twice, There are a couple broiler rooms. After you run away from him once, there is only one broiler room. There is the first room, there are NO pebbles in that room. The second room is different. Right when you enter that room go low towards the ground. You should see the red bowl. Ignore that for now, but remember that now. Explore a little bit more, and you will find the green pebble. Carry it until you find the green bowl. There should be the red and blue pebbles there also. Drop the green pebble in the bowl, the pick up the red one.
Now go back to the beginning of the room, and remember that red bowl? Well, find that, and drop the red pebble in. Go back to the green bowl, and pick up the blue pebble. The blue bowl isn't until the next broiler room. The blue bowl is at the top of the ceiling, in the next broiler room. Explore to find it. Well, that's it You should get a starfish for your hard work.

Secret clue

While on the Mount Wannnahockaloogie level, look for an old brown sign. Dart behind the sign to score an important clue.

How to beat the puzzle on leval 7

Press 5 triangle up left right down down up up up u should here a sound
Submitted by crazy bout catz


On the jellyfish level don't bounce on the jellies just race then u will win.
Submitted by Kelly


When you are in the tank with bubbles, look at the lock shape and get the matching key to fit it.
Submitted by mat c

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